Friends of Liberia Membership

Members of Friends of Liberia receive E-mail news bulletins, semi-annual newsletters, and have opportunities to meet others who care about Liberia to promote peace, and foster education and development.

    bAnyone who contributes to the organization is considered a member.

Please make checks payable to "Friends of Liberia," and send them in with the membership form to: Friends of Liberia, 1812 Monroe NW
Washington DC 20011.

Members are also encouraged to volunteer to administer the organization or guide a project, to raise funds for Friends of Liberia in their communities, and to steer corporate and foundation support to the organization. If you would like to get involved but are not sure how, please email or write with a description of your connection to Liberia, your ideas and your talents. We can put you in touch with members who have similar backgrounds and interests and/or who live in your area.

Membership Form

Friends of Liberia
1812 Monroe NW
Washington DC 20011