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Friends of Liberia Awarded Grants

September 2008:

Small Grants Awarded:

Mediators Beyond Borders - $750 to defray travel costs for mediator

Clark Memorial United Methodist Church - $500 to assist in a shipment of books

Liberian Education Action Project - $2,000 for teacher training

Browne Academy Day Care and Elementary School - $1,500 for health care feeding program, feeding program and desks, teaching materials and books

Board Generated Grants Awarded:

Browne Academy Dare Care and Elementary School - $2,000 for faculty Development/tuition for in-service teachers at Don Bosco Polytechnic School

March 2009:

Small Grants Awarded:

YMCA - $2,000 for textbooks for teachers in several cities

YMCA - $1,300 toward completing a library in Ganta

United Methodist University – Ganta - $1,200 to provide computers and cabinets for faculty at the nursing school

Zoduah Clan Farmers Cooperative, Cape Mount - $2,000 for the purchase of a rice mill

Kakata Teacher Training Institute - $1,500 to establish a farm

Board Generated Grants Awarded:

East Nimba Wildlife Reserve Survey - $2,000

Workshop and In-Service Training for Nurses, Nursing Students and Staff at United Methodist Hospital, Ganta - $3500.

Education Service Project involving returned Peace Corps Volunteers May 2009 at the Ganta United Methodist and Ganta YMCA Schools, $1,000

Supplement Grant to YMCA Textbooks for Teachers - $1,324.19

London Enterprises – Bikes for the World - $2,500 for shipping of bicycles

September 2009:

Small Grants Awarded:

African Community Exchange: $1300.00

P.O. Box 444, Midlothian VA 231113 contact: Candace Eastman - or Sophie Williams -

To facilitate the "Literate Liberia Movement" by providing transportation for organizers, community leaders and school personnel as well as materials and supplies to students in grades 7-12 who will teach literacy to some 3000 people in the Monrovia area, including neighborhoods and market places.

Margibi Country Women's Association: $1985.00

no address given contact: Hannah Slocum -

To train women to re-establish the production of country cloth, including weaving, tailoring, needle work, design, marketing and sales.

Liberian Potters(Pottery) Association: $1750.00

no address given contact: Wilmot Barclay -

To purchase a kiln and related materials to enable a group of potters to become self-reliant through training more potters, providing production access for more potters and developing marketing strategies.

Visions in Action: $1600.00

2nd Street behind the YWCA, Congotown, Monrovia, Liberia; also U.S. address of organization 2710 Ontario Road NW, Washington DC contact: Jo-Zette Dick -

To distribute scientific calculators to high schools and universities in certain counties and also to educate teachers in the incorporation of calculators into the curricula and the learning process

February 2010

Small Grants Awarded:

Living Stone Outreach $1000.00

To construct a new kitchen to serve the residents and workers of their Women's and Children Rehabilitation Center, an orphanage outside Monrovia. $2000.

Football to Develop Destitute (FODEDE). To train youth in football (soccer) and life skills, including leadership, team building and networking, hopefully enabling some to earn athletic scholarships to college.


Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI)$2000.00

To rebuild chicken house on the school's farm.

The Children's Reading Center $2000.00

To partially fund "Liberia Reads", a primary-age literacy project in four schools: Monrovia (2), Ganta and Kakata. .

FUEL Youth $1925.00

U.S.-based. To build a community well and school water system on Swaggart Island outside Monrovia. .

Community Welfare Association $1972.50

To restock Zoegeh District, Nimba County, with piglets, feed, medicines and materials (called the Lorkia Cattle Farmers Association Project). .

Samuel J. and Mary S. Mentee Foundation $1800.00

To purchase materials for an early childhood education teacher training workshop, using LEAP methodology, for its future community school in Kakata.

September 16, 2010

Small Grants Awarded:

ZODWOCA, Inc. $1000

Provide voting workshops for women in cooperation with other NGOs.

P.O. Box 4245, 42 Carey Street, Garnett Building, Monrovia. Agnes F. Kortimai.

Mission to Liberia, Inc $2000

Improve drinking water in Margibi County, then to others.

17 Deerfield Terrace, Rochester MA 02770. Mike Cambra.

STAR Radio, Inc. $2000

Purchase two motorcycles for journalist-correspondents in rural areas.

12 Broad Street, Monrovia. James K. Morlu.

The Niapele Project: $1938.80

Provide structural improvements (fence, pump for well) to center for disabled children.

3371 Glendale Blvd., Unit 227, Los Angeles CA90039. Penelope Chester. Penelope@the


Liberian Assistance Program, Inc.: $1885



Purchase equipment for new school in Cow Field, outside Monrovia.

4001 Hiawatha Drive, Madison WI 53711. Judy Reed.







PLAN for the Children Humanitarian Aid $1400

Provide skill and entrepreneurial training in tailoring, cosmetology and soap-making.

SOS Junction, Matadi, Monrovia. Saah Joseph.

March 2011

Small Grants Awarded


Community for Peace and Development Advocacy

will support 100 farmers in Nimba County

to grow cassava and rice and develop a local farmers' association.

Awarded $2,000





Rise Liberia

plans to buy a power supply, shelving, seating, carpeting and curtains for a library in Monrovia in partnership with We Care, Library.

Awarded $2,000






National Youth Action will enhance a farming operation that will generate income for scholarships for children in need at a secondary school in Paynesville City. Awarded $2,000

Corporation for Economic Opportunity plans to repair buildings, build quilting frames, register with the government and enable a US partner to process payments for the quilting group in Caldwell Township. Awarded $2,000



Green Coast Agriculture Program

will train students and instructors in gardening

and will buy seeds to sell harvested crops in Kakata.

Awarded $1, 450




Teacher Consultant Group plans to buy instructional materials for a three week K-3 female teacher training workshop that will provide supply kits for 150 participants in Montserrado and Margibi Counties. Awarded $2,000

Refuge Place International will aid in the construction of a hospital that addresses maternal mortality among the poor and destitute in lower Johnsonville and Chicken Soup Factory Town and to hire a nurse-midwife. Awarded $2,000

September 2011

Small Grants Awarded

West Africa Initiative of Liberia (WAIOL) in partnership with United Methodist Church
To introduce beekeeping, snail raising and Moringa production for Liberian women in Glakapallah, Bong County.
Awarded $1988

Liberian Translation and Literacy Organization (LIBTRALO)
To sustain and develop mother tongue literacy through purchase of heavy-duty stapler to bind books in several indigenous languages.
Awarded $1900

Friends United for the Education of Liberia's Youth (FUEL Youth)
To develop library at pre-kindergarten-to-9th grade Christian academy on Swaggart Island in Gardnersville through purchase of shelves, tables, chairs and shipping books to Liberia.
Awarded $1975

Voice of Tappita. (Nimba County)
To purchase equipment, transportation and supplies for radio station in anticipation of general election in October 2011 and beyond.
Awarded $1950

Francis Mitchell Memorial Academy (FRANMA)
To create a reading room at a private kindergarten-to-9th grade school that utilizes teacher trainees from KRTTI (Kakata).
Awarded $1955

March 2012

Small Grants Awarded


Women Care International.

Ophelia Mathies. To fund a resource room for training women and girls with job skills, particularly computer, entrepreneurship and advocacy. Monrovia.

Awarded $1970.00






Evangelical Soul Rescue Mission.

Terri Enright. To purchase 80 desks for a new K-4 school. Zwedru.

Awarded $2000.00

Education First, Inc.

Dr. Blidi Stemn. To purchase instructional materials for math and science teachers at different schools. Working with faculty at Tubman University and Liberian math professor in U.S. Harper.

Awarded $2000.00..

West Africa Youth Agenda against Corrupt Practices.

Austin Stanion. To empower youth by converting a 10 hectare plot to a rice farm and sustain it with proceeds. Near Monrovia.

Awarded $2000.00

September 2012

Small Grants Awarded
1. Imani House/Twe Farm on Bushrod Island~
$2,000 will support its adult education program by covering a portion of the sewing teacher's salary and to purchase six sewing machines to be used at two market sites (Rally Time and Duala).

2. Friends Computer Institute at Phebe Compound, Bong Co.~ $2,000 will train 20 faculty and staff of Phebe Community Lutheran School in information and technology by purchasing materials and fuel and to pay an instructor's stipend and other incidentals.

3. National Youth Action, Inc. (NAYA) in Paynesville~
$1,997 will be used to continue its training in life skills that generate income by purchasing baking materials for 25 trainees, supplanted by other funds for rental and outfitting of shop. NAYA hopes to later provide awareness through radio programming to educate the public on issues relating to post-crisis youth and will expand with peer training to educate on drug awareness.